CH Writer’s Inspirations

The Answer to a Mother's Questions

In the course of life, a mother asks many questions.

She tries to teach her child multiple lessons.

“Have I helped my child be the best he can be?

Did I tell him about the One who died on Calvary?

Have I watched him achieve success?

Has he lived a full life, or settled for less?

Did I hold his hand when things got tough?

Was I there when the way grew rough?

Did I make him proud of me?

Have I been what a mother should be?

Did I teach him wrong from right?

Did I prepare him for a heavenward flight?”

Mothers help their child when he's in need.

She does her best to make him succeed.

She tries to keep him from hurt or shame.

She'd give her life to free him from pain.

A true Mother knows exactly what I mean.

Her heart is tender, pure, and clean.

She wants only the best for her daughter or son.

If so, she tells him about the Holy One.

No matter her answers to all the questions above,

She prays her child finds Jesus' love.

Then, when her task on earth is done,

She'll wait for him at the feet of God's precious Son.

    (c) Charlotte Holt