I want to share with you my heart about the wonderful things God has done. God has kept me since the death of my husband in January. God is so good!

I write mostly from my own experiences to help heal the hearts and hurts of those who have walked through trials as I have. I feel as though I’m a chosen heart writer. Thus, the title of this page. You can find my writings in compilation books, devotional books, educational magazines, and my own books. Find out more about me and my writing in the other pages of my website.

A teacher for thirty years, I can never resist the urge to get ready for each new season of the year. So far, this season is happy and sad. Happy because my sweetheart is in His heavenly home. Sad because I miss him so much. I’m looking forward to the Lord’s return. Read my Thanksgiving poem on the inspiration page.

to my world of writing

Charlotte Holt

Chosen Heart Writer

My Tagline:

A seed of faith;

a stalk of victory

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